Things to look out for when buying a pressure cooker

My pressure cooker is an important part of my kitchen; it helps me in saving energy and time.

Let me share you the factors that I looked out for when I bought it for our home:

MAKE – I looked for a stainless steel pressure cooker because it resists stain and rusting and, therefore, will last longer.

BASE – A wide-bottom pot with a layered base of aluminum on the outside was my choice because aluminum transmits heat better.

SIZE – I was looking for a more practical size just enough for my family of 4. I got the 6-quart pressure cooker because it’s just the right size for us. The salesman also said that it is the most popular choice because most cooking recipes for pressure cookers are usually measured in 6-quart pressure cookers.

PRESSURE REGULATOR – It’s important for me to be able to specify and regulate the pressure inside the pot, so I chose the one with the removable weighted valve pressure regulator.

STANDARD PRESSURE – A pressure cooker with higher pressure is more energy efficient and cooks faster, so I choose the one with the standard for pressure cooking of 15psi (pounds/square inch).

COVER INTERLOCK –I purchased a pressure cooker with a cover locking system which will prevent me from accidentally opening the lid before the pressure is down to a safer level.

PRESSURE RELEASE – Some of my recipes require quickly cooling and some don’t. The pressure cooker I bought has this feature so that I can cool the pot fast through the pressure release or just let the pressure to drop slowly by removing the pot from stove and letting it cool down by itself.

COOKING RACK – I always cook a lot, but I don’t have enough time, so chose a pressure cooker with a rack so I can cook several foods in separate compartments at the same time.

HANDLES – My stainless steel pressure cooker with its contents will be hot and heavy so I made sure it has sturdy, comfortable handles for me.

INSTRUCTION & RECIPE BOOK – The operating manual is very important to me; I always check it out. I don’t really need the attached recipe book, but once in a while I check them too, to vary my dishes.

WARRANTY – I also checked the warranty. A good quality pressure cooker comes with an extended warranty and I made sure mine has 10 years.

COST – Of course I made a comparative list before I shopped to get the best pressure cooker with the least cost to fit my limited budget.

If you are new to pressure cooking, please be sure to read the operating manual carefully before using. Sometimes it can be dangerous. Cook safely!