CanCooker BC – 002 Bone Collector – Best Can Cooker

If you love cooking for parties, but don’t like all the dishes and clean up that seems to go with it hand in hand, then I’ve got some information on a product that is right up your alley. The CanCooker BC is one of the best rated, yet inexpensive cooking gadget for sale that you can buy and cooks up to a 16 quart container of food.

CanCooker BC - 002 Bone Collector Can CookerIntro

The CanCooker is rather similar to a pressure cooking type of cooking tool that I think you will find simple and easy to use and you won’t have to spend a lot of your hard earned cash because it is relatively cheap, as well as convenient and a way to cook top rated and healthy outdoor meals in less than an hour! It is a great choice for you to buy it for your next backyard cookout session.


The CanCooker does this cooking by using steam, so that’s why it’s healthy because it uses no fat. Plus, it only weighs about four pounds, so it is easy to use no matter if you take it camping, fishing or just use it in your own backyard. The CanCooker Bone Collector is 14 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter and you can cook enough food to feed between about 18-20 people.

It will work with just about any heat source such as a campfire, propane stove, charcoal grill, on the stove top of an electric or gas stove, or even a turkey fryer. The CanCooker is made of food grade anodized aluminum, so that makes it a more professional grade cooker that could even be used for commercial purposes.


Some of the accessories you can get with the CanCooker include a two piece stainless steel rack that can fit onto the bottom of the cooker. This raises the cooking level from the bottom about a half inch so it is less likely to burn, and can making cleaning easier too. You can even use this separate from the CanCooker to steam foods if you want!

Safety features

You may worry about getting burned while cooking, but not with the CanCooker! The CanCooker is packed with great top rated safety features such as riveted, heavy duty handles, and a special vented lip on top that helps to get rid of any excess pressure that builds up inside as the food cooks, plus there are safety clamps to keep the lip tight on top of the cooker.


If you need any information or details on the CanCooker, just request a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty when you buy it! It is fully guaranteed.


The bottom line is that if you want one of the best, top rated outdoor cooking solutions, then the CanCooker is the perfect addition to your household!