Elite Platinum EPC-678SS MaxiMatic – Best Digital Pressure Cooker

From experience I can now comfortably, and with authority, claim, that one of the most important kitchen appliance central to any kitchen is an electric pressure cooker. With one of these in your kitchen, you will be able to prepare food quickly and with ease. It is for this reason that the pressure cooker has become an all-round and popular kitchen appliance amongst many Americans.

Elite Platinum EPC-678SS MaxiMaticSpecifications

Pressure cookers will come in many specifications and configurations but basically, their working principles are the same. I have therefore found out that their specifications will vary in places like material and capacity but not in their inner mechanisms of work and functionality.

Most of the pressure cookers are designed to raise to higher temperatures than the usual stovetop cookers. This is an attractive design specification for the pressure cookers because, it factors in saving time spent in cooking.

Most of the pressure cookers in the market today come in two specifications when it comes to material of make. The manufactures produce the pressure cookers with either stainless steel or aluminum. You can look up the merits and demerits of both designs.

Aluminum is inexpensive when compared to stainless steel, however, stainless steel makes its case in that, whereas it’s expensive, it’s safer to use, more durable and it’s a non-stick material.

Most pressure cookers have a number of pressure settings to cook different variety of foods. A high pressure setting allows you to cook foods like pot roasts and stews. Low pressure settings assist in cooking of recipes like custards.


You can also look up here accessories for pressure cookers. Most of these accessories are optional and have to be paid for extra cash. They include baskets and racks.

Safety features

A number of safety features like quick release setting ensures that electric pressure cookers have lower risks in their use. It is necessary for every pressure cooker to be equipped with a sturdy handle so that it becomes less risky to move the cooker around when hot. Larger handles are even more desirable because they increase the distance between you and the cooker and therefore lowers the chance that you will get burned.

Also of importance to consider as a safety feature is a lid with an enabled interlock mechanism. Such a mechanism is important as it ensures that the high cooking pressures don’t spring the lid open and splash hot contents that can cause injury and harm people.


The electric pressure cooker doesn’t require much repairs, its sturdy design ensures it works with minimum maintenance and support. Except for the occasional change of a blown fuse that you can take care by yourself, there rarely arises issues that call for support.


All said and done, this pressure cooker will continue to dominate our kitchen and its utility and popularity will remain unchallenged. Get one yourself over here, you won’t regret it.