Filipino Caldereta Recipe: Learn The Secrets of a Perfect Beef Stew

Filipino Caldereta or the Filipino beef stew is one of the most popular Filipino dishes that I have learnt to master. Whenever my friends come over, this beef dish is a must addition to the main course. Traditionally, Filipino Caldereta is made from beef but it can also be cooked using pork or chevon.

The red sauce of the Filipino Caldereta should be perfect in order to get great results with this dish. The cooking time of this dish is a little over two hours but the reaction of my friends and family when they taste it is well worth the hard work.

My recipe of Filipino Caldereta


  • Beef (2 lbs., cubed)
  • Garlic (3 cloves, crushed, chopped)
  • Onion (1, finely chopped)
  • Beef broth (2 cups)
  • Red and green Bell pepper (1 each, small, sliced)
  • Tomato Sauce (1 cup)
  • Liver paste (½ cup)
  • Red pepper (1 tsp)
  • Bay leaves (3, large)
  • Potatoes (2 cups, sliced)
  • Carrots (2 cups, sliced)
  • Cooking oil (1 cup)
  • Green olives (⅔ cup)
  • Pepper (to taste)
  • Salt (to taste)


  1. I use a pressure cooker or pot for this dish and start off my heating some cooking oil.
  2. I add the garlic and onion and saute it for some time.
  3. Then, I add my cubed beef and allow it to turn light brown. This usually takes about 5 minutes.
  4. After this, I add the bay leaves and some crushed pepper and I stir this for some time.
  5. The liver paste goes next into the dish.
  6. Finally, I add the beef broth and the tomato sauce into the pot and I combine all the ingredients well.

This is the point where I leave the pot and allow the beef to cook. If I am using a pressure cooker, the beef gets nice and tender in about 30 minutes. However, I always use a pot to cook this dish because the stew doesn’t get much depth of flavor when I use a pressure cooker.

If you cook this dish in a pot like mine, it might take you about one to two hours to cook the beef properly. A lot depends on the kind of beef you have. I would recommend stewing beef for this dish.

The finishing touch

  • After the beef is soft, I add the potato and carrots, and allow them to cook for about 10 minutes.
  • The peppers and green olives go next and take 5 minutes to cook.
  • I finally add pepper and salt and serve it hot.

I like my Caldereta with steaming long grain rice on a heated plate.