Presto 01781 23-Quart Best Canning Pressure Cooker

I get a great sense of relief knowing exactly what is in the food my family is eating. When I am canning my own food, I have complete control over what goes into every quart of food. With the Presto 23-quart pressure canner and cooker, I get to take control over my family’s diet in a manner that is both healthy and cheap.

Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and CookerSpecifications

The Presto 23-quart canner and cooker is made from heavy gauge, warp resistant aluminum that allows for even and fast heating regardless of what type of stove top it is used on. It has a state of the art pressure dial gauge that not only measures the pressure, but covers the entire range of processing pressures. It is important for this gauge to be perfect, especially when using it at higher altitudes. The canner also has an inner sealing ring to keep all of the steam in during the canning process.


This top rated canner and cooker comes with the canning and cooking rack as well as a comprehensive 76-page instruction booklet which also contains recipes. When I was new to canning, I also purchased the Presto 7 function canning kit to assist me with my canning efforts. If you are looking for the best pressure canner and cooker, this is the one for you, you should order this one right now.

Safety Features

This top rated pressure canner and cooker has an air vent cover lock safety feature that only allows pressure to build up within the pot if the stainless steel cover is actually closed correctly. Otherwise, the pressure is safely reduced until the cover is correctly closed. This feature is designed to prevent any type of accidental mishap with the canner and cooker. It also comes with stay-cool handles for safe handling.


Presto guarantees this 23-quart canner and cooker with an extended 12-year warranty. I made sure to take the time to read the detailed canning and cooking instructions thoroughly prior to using this unit for the first time. I wanted to be sure to educate myself on the safe use and handling issues that may possibly pertain to the canner and cooker.


If you are looking for a way to take control of your family’s diet as well as save some money on your grocery bill, I highly recommend that you purchase the Presto 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker. When you are eating your own organic and home canned preserves, you will be happy that you did. Isn’t your family worth the small investment?